Creating a New Template
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Creating a New Template

To create a label, you will start by creating a template. This template is where you will add everything that you will need to have on your label.

To create a new template, you will select "Templates" from the menu bar, then select "New" from the drop down menu.

When you select "New", a "Save Label As..." box will appear. This is where you will give your label a name and a description, and also choose the type of label you would like to create.

Pressing OK will save the label and proceed to editing. BT will launch for this purpose. RB will also automatically adjust its window size to fit above the BT screen.

In BT, a blank label should be visible on the screen, as well as the 'Toolbox,' which contains RB label components. If the Toolbox is not visible on the BT screen, open the View menu at the top, select Toolbars, and click Toolbox to enable it. A check next to Toolbox means it is enabled.

The components can be found in the RB folder under the toolbox in the Components list on the left hand side of the screen. if the RB folder is not expanded, expand the RB folder in the Components section by clicking the plus (+) sign next to the RB folder icon.

Each item in the RB folder represents a RB component that is associated with the label that you are viewing. For example, every item has an Item Number, which is set in RB. To see that item number on the printed label, the Item Number component from the BT Toolbox must be placed on the label.

To do this, simply drag the Item Number onto the label in BT. Click Item Number in the Toolbox with the left mouse button and hold the button down. While still holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse to the label on the BT screen, and let go of the button. The item number will now be visible on the label.

NOTE: The data displayed on the BT screen may not match the item number entered for the item, but when the label is printed or previewed the correct info will replace the info on the screen. For more info on these Replacement Values click here.

You can toggle back and forth from the BT screen to the RB screen by using the up and down toggle arrows. Down toggles from BT to RB, while up toggles from RB to BT.

To create the label, select components from the toolbox under menu option RB. Drag and drop the components onto the label. From here you can drag the component to the desired position. When you drag the components onto the label, sample information will appear. This information is strictly for visual purposes and does not reflect what will be printed on the label once completed.

Once all the desired components have been placed on the label, you are ready to save. To do this, toggle back to the RB label screen. Click "Save" at the top of the right hand side. You will see "Label Template Updated!" in the bottom left hand side of the RB screen to let you know that the item has been saved in its current form.

Labels can be edited up until the time they are approved. To edit a label, you will select the label (unapproved) from the label listing. Once the label is  opened in BT, you can make any and all necessary changes to the components and their placements on the label. To save any changes, toggle back to the RB designer screen and click "Save". You will see the same "Label template updated!" message when the changes have been saved.